18 Months - In a Big Boy Bed

March 28, 2011

Dear Teo,
In this month's photo, you are sitting on your new BIG BOY BED!  Papa picked it out at IKEA, and once he set it up, you crawled onto it and laid your head on the pillow.  You like to point to your chest and then rest your head on your hand to sign "my bed." 

We put it in our room, right next to our big bed.  So far, you have been falling asleep in it just fine, though at some point in the middle of the night, you still end up in our bed. 

Speaking of bedtime, here are a few of our special bedtime routines:

Books, of course.  At the moment, your favorite is Mr. Brown Can Moo.

Reviewing the Day - After books, we turn out the light and I ask "Do you want me to tell you about your day?"  If you do, I tell you the story of what you did that day, starting with waking up, and ending with "And that was your day."  It's a fun way to revisit your experiences, and it also helps you wind down. 

Singing Goodnight - This is kind of our version of goodnight prayers.  We sing a goodnight song to everyone we care about - those who live near by or far away.  I ask you who we should say good night to, and you list off people.  I suggest some more, and by the time we have run through everyone I can think of, you are often asleep.

 Having a snuggle with Oceana and her sister Madison.  

 A few new words and phrases:  
"Hot tea" which you cook for us daily on your little stove. 

"Bwower" - meaning leaf blower, lawn mower, or various other noisy machines.

"No snow!  Huh!" - You are continually surprised by the fact that there is no longer any snow outside.  You follow this expression with your sign for "where is it?" and a puzzled look. 

"Pooo" - means "pool."  You say this almost every time we put you in the car, hoping that's where we are taking you. 

"Bladerdah bladerdah bladerdah?  Nope!"  - Okay, we have no idea what this means, but you say it a lot.  We think you may be mimicking us asking you a question and then you answer with "nope." Whatever it means, it is hilarious.

Having a sip of tea with your best buddy, "Monkey Jessie."  We call her this because she does a great monkey impression.  Your sign for her is scratching your head and saying "oo-oo-oo."

Riding the scooter that Uncle Levi made for you. You had a brief interest in trying to ride it like a skateboard, which luckily did not last long. 

 Sensory / cooking play with barley.

A serious duet with your friend, Lucio.  You guys look like pros.

 This is what ART looks like in our house.

 Paint on paper?  Been there, done that.  Moving on to all visible body parts.

We love you, wild man.
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