20 Months

May 23, 2011

Dear Teo,
You had a break-through this month . . . You realized that the point of the library is BOOKS not COMPUTERS!  This is pretty exciting.  I take you there most weekends, and you've always been more interested in pounding on the keyboard than browsing the books.

A couple weeks ago, I pulled a train book called Choo Choo off the shelf and started reading it aloud.  You were hooked.  The computer didn't stand a chance now that trains were involved!  You marched through the aisles saying, "More train books!"  So, we checked out three train books, and that night you slept with Choo Choo next to you in your bed.  

Playing with the sprayer that Papa got for you!  Hours of fire fighter fun. 

 A visit to the duck ponds with your friend, Oliver.


Looking for Easter eggs with Oceana and Grammy.
Muffin tin printing.

 Giving Grammy a bouquet on Mother's Day.

 Body painting.

 Slide painting.

 Hedge painting.

 Yarn noodles and "hot tea" in the tub.

In my classroom with Lane.

 With my long-time friend, Natalie.

 With Natalie's daughter, Robin.

A little chef.

 Public Works Day!  You got to explore a fire engine, police car, street sweeper, tractors, and more! 

A prince and a princess.

A Day at Dorris Ranch

May 14, 2011

Dear Teo, 
A few weeks ago, we spent an afternoon at Dorris Ranch - the oldest hazelnut orchard in America.  It is such a special place to me.  Every time I go there, I think of a walk I took there with my dad years ago.  It is also the place that we held his memorial and afterward walked through the orchard with friends and family. 

On this sweet spring day with you and Papa, I was reminded what a magical place it is - a place where the abundance of nature and the order of man have created something stunning and alluring - long orchard rows, the tumultuous over-full river, moss- and fern-cloaked trees, and ever-present birdsong. 

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