Special Toys for a Special Boy

October 29, 2009

Dear Teo,
A lot has happened in the last two weeks.  You got your first cold.  Luckily it only lasted a few days, but that meant a few nights of very little sleep for me and papa.  One morning, your papa was so tired he almost poured ketchup into his tea instead of agave!

You are all better now, and growing like crazy.  The last two times we have taken you to the birth center for your weekly weigh in, you had gained 10 ounces each time.  You are now over 8 pounds.

You are ever more alert and interested in things around you.  Last night I played the piano while you were in my wrap, and you seemed to enjoy it.  Your eyes got big, and you made soft cooing sounds.

You definitely smile in response to us now.  In fact, you smile at papa almost every time you see him!  You have also started smiling sometimes when I play peek-a-boo with you, though other times you stare at me like I'm being strange. 

You are just starting to show an interest in toys.  You especially like a ladybug with crinkly wings.  Several of our friends have given you some really amazing hand-made toys that I am sure you will enjoy as you get older.  I am happy to surround you with things made by the hands of people who love you.

Our friend, Amee Pacheco stopped by for a visit a couple of weeks ago.  She is, among other things, a knitter extraordinaire, and she made this adorable little pig in board shorts for you.  It even has a belly button and a curly tail.

Our friends from Arizona, George and Susan, visited us last week.  You spent a long time snuggled up with George.  Susan gave you this red horse, similar to the green one she made for Sage when he was born.  

My brother, your Uncle Levi, made a beautiful rattle out of wood from a walnut tree on his property in Kansas.
Amy Ripley, who was my first teaching partner at the Relief Nursery, knitted a little bear for you.  She had made a bear for Sage, too.  Yours is the smaller, light blue one . . . the little brother bear.

You were also given a very special toy by your great-aunt Elaine (my dad's sister).  This little dog was my dad's when he was a boy.  It was made for him by his great-aunt, Carlotte, a Benedictine nun.  This little dog is 65 year old!

I wish so much that you could have met Dad (your Grandpa Faulkner).  He would have teased you and tickled you and taught you many things.  And he would have loved you with all of his very big heart . . . just like we love you, Teo.

Mama and Papa

Happy Birthday - One Month

October 18, 2009

Dear Teo,
Today is your one-month birthday.  You have changed a lot in the time since your birth!  You are very alert now, and you are able to track movement with your eyes.  You like to look and my and papa's faces, and at your mobile.  You also like to look out the window.

Your happiest time of day seems to be morning.  That is when you play on your mat and have tummy time.  You push with your feet, and if I put my hands against them, you scoot yourself across the mat.  You also have "Papa Time" every morning, when the two of you play and Papa sings silly made-up songs to you.  

You have started sleeping better at night, and we're not feeling quite so tired.  I've been taking you for walks most days.  Sometimes Papa or Auntie Sarah or other friends come with us.  You usually sleep through the whole thing, though today you spent a good bit of time awake, watching the world go by.

I take you next door to visit Grammy everyday.  You are usually sleeping when she sees you, so she really likes it when you wake up and she can play with you.  A few days ago, she was holding you and she noticed you staring at the ceiling fan, so she turned it on, and you were mesmerized. 

This month seems to have gone by very fast.  Every day brings new surprises, and that is part of the gift you bring to our family . . . an ever-present sense of wonder.

We love you right up to the moon . . . and back!
Mama and Papa

Prayer Flags

October 16, 2009

I've been working on the amazing prayer flags many of you made for Teo.  I mounted them on colored background cloth.  Now all I have left to do is string them together.

Thank you to everyone who made one.  We are very touched by the thoughtful words and artwork that you all created.  If you want to make a flag but have not gotten it done yet, feel free to send it at any point.  It will be easy to add more after the flags are strung.

I made my own prayer flag today (above) with one of my favorite Hafiz poems on it. 

Your Very Special Midwife

October 15, 2009

Dear Teo,

Yesterday, we took you to visit Chris Heritage, the midwife who delivered you (and also your brother, Sage).  

Chris hugged me and your papa, and then she turned her attention to you.  You were relaxed and alert while she held you, and she was clearly delighted by you.  It was fun to watch her interact with you in that special way that grandmothers have.  She said you could be her honorary grandson.

When I was in labor with you, Chris was wearing a t-shirt that she got from a triathlon she did.  When I looked up and saw that shirt, and I felt so inspired.  I figured that if Chris has the strength and determination to finish a triathlon, then I could make it through labor. 

We are happy that you will grow up knowing Chris.  She is wise and kind and funny, and it was her generous heart and competent hands that helped guide you into this world. 

Visiting Friends at the Relief Nursery

October 6, 2009

Dear Teo,
You are 17 days old.  I took you to the Birth Center today to get weighed, and you are 7 pounds, 10 ounces.  The lactation consultant, Annie, said that your "latch" is much improved since last week.  You have figured out how to nurse without chomping (much to my relief), and nursing is going very smoothly now.  

As I write this, you are sleeping in my arms.  You have been sleeping a lot during the day, and not as much at night.  Today we went to the Relief Nursery (my work), and you slept through an hour or more of being held by my coworkers. They were very excited to meet you.  Here are some photos of them holding you.

As you can see, you invariably have one or both of your hands up by your head.  You like to sleep in that position, and when you nurse, you often rest one hand against your cheek, which makes you look very serious and thoughtful.   

Ari (Jayda's daddy)













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