31 Months

May 28, 2012

In your fire fighter's bunk, waiting for the next alarm.

Dear Teo,
We officially have a new member of the family . . . Doctor Kordesch, your pediatrician.  Ever since I took you to see her about 2 months ago (for an ear ache), she has played a big role in our daily lives.  She has a doll named after her (and this very cool doctor doll is endlessly rescuing people in her helicopter).  

Doctor Kordesch, along with several characters from your favorite cartoon, Fireman Sam, are the protagonists in countless scenarios that you describe and act out from the moment you wake each morning until your eyes drift shut at night.   

You like to use lots of fire fighter related words ("on duty," "captain," "rescue").  One day, you put on a yellow fire fighter's helmet, pulled the clear plastic visor down and said, "Mama, this is my supervisor.  It keeps smoke from getting in my eyes." 
A visit to Fire Station 11 with Papa.
You asked me to teach you to play "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," so I made some color coded "sheet music."  You've explored this a little, but usually you prefer making up your own songs, like a rockin' one entitled, "I love trucks!"  

Shaving cream
Three silly balloon-heads celebrating Grammy's birthday.
Oceana and a friend giving a presentation at her school.
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