25 Months - Pumpkins Patch and Halloween

November 21, 2011

Dear Teo,
We made our annual pumpkin patch excursion, this time with our friends, Paula and Bill, and their son Miles.  We've known Miles since he was a few months old, and the two of you are friends (your understanding of friendship is always expanding, which is fascinating to watch).  

Picking out a pumpkin is serious business!

I'm not sure who was more excited about the tractor - you or Papa!
(No, Michael, you can't have one for Christmas.)

Feeding one of the baby goats.

Eating (I mean, kissing) Papa's nose. 

We went to another pumpkin patch / apple orchard with friends, Caroline and Lucy.  We went on a hayride, drank cider, climbed on a hay maze, and picked out some produce from their farm stand.  

And then there was this old, beat up tractor - you had a whole story about it needing a new battery, you used your tools to fix the radiator, and you told me what all the levers were for.   No joke, you spent about an hour on this thing! 

For Halloween, we got you a fire fighter costume, which you wore almost every day this month EXCEPT Halloween!
It was fun to get into my old belly dance clothes to go to a Halloween party.

Shakin' your sillies out!

On Papa's bike.

At Bounce Gymnastics.

Play-dough Happy Cake

 Playing with rice in your sensory box.

Sitting in your "Tree House" at a nearby park.

Second Birthday

November 1, 2011

Dear Teo,
Choo, choo!  You turned two (over a month ago, and I'm just now sitting down to write about it!).  We started the day out by painting a cardboard box train with Oceana. 

 You opened some special presents from Opapa, including this John Deer tractor, a set of tools and some farm animals (all of which you love and play with regularly!).

 This is the cake I made with carrots Papa grew in the garden.  

 And this, my little love, is how you spent at least half of your party - hidden away in the bushes, examining the flora and enjoying some quiet time. 

 Two of your favorite adopted aunties.

 Making a crown with Papa.

The Little Prince. 

 Oceana's creative use for water balloons.

Blowing out your candles.

Happy Birthday, sweetie! 
And thank you to everyone who helped make the day special. 
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