32 - 33 Months - "I have a technique"

June 17, 2012

Dear Teo,
Oops!  I got behind by a full month on this blog.  So . . . no 32 month photo.  But here is a recap of the last couple of months.  

Public Works Day.  This is the coolest event for kids who are fascinated by heavy equipment.  Your favorite was the road roller.  

You've been very interested in how letters make words lately.  You like to read the titles of your books to me.  You'll run your finger under the letters and say the words slowly like you are sounding them out:  "Wi - i - i - i nie The Poo - oo - ooh."  You've also been asking how to spell random words.  Here you are perusing my cookbook.   

Auntie Sarah and Oceana got two ducklings, which are already three times the size they were when I took these photos a couple of weeks ago.  Oceana is their mommy, and Bella the dog is their valiant guardian.  Lucky little ducks. 
Our family friend, Mark, has been in town (back from voyages afar on his sail boat).  When he stopped by for a visit, you were instantly delighted.  Days later, you commented, "We haven't seen our friend Mark in a WHILE!"  Then you suggested that maybe he should come live with us. 

A Mother's Day hike at Mount Pisgah.
Big Worker Guy
Playing with the excavator that Uncle Levi made for you.

A few Teo quotes:  
At the library, you put a bunny puppet under your shirt.  You told me, "You can touch my baby in my belly.  Ask when will it come out."   You proceeded to give birth to the bunny and then you snuggled it as tenderly as any new mama.   
While playing at home: "I'm going to hold my mommy's hand so she doesn't go away from me.  I don't want her to go away from me ever."  I asked why, and you replied emphatically, "Because I LIKE her!"
When you and I were running barefoot back and forth, splashing in a muddy spot and then in a tub of water, singing, "Mud, muddy mud" and then "Wash, washy, wash" - "This is the funnest thing I've ever done, ever," 
One morning, you woke up and asked, "Mommy, am I died?" I told you, "No, you are alive." You went on to ask, "Are you died?" and you asked about a few other people. Then you asked if my papa was "died," and I told you yes.  I try to talk to you about death openly, but in a way that makes sense to you.  I've told you that our bodies are like houses for our energy, and when we die, our energy doesn't need its house anymore (thanks to Auntie Sarah, who has had many similar conversations with Oceana, for helping me find the right words).  Your response? "Hey, let's play fire trucks!"  
And my favorite quote of the month:  "Mommy, I have a technique," you said, while sorting and lining up some colored circles.  And then:  "Can you come help me, because I'm getting tired of techniquing."

Doing an experiment.
Grammy bonding with little Quacker.
Hugs for Cousin Maddy

31 Months

May 28, 2012

In your fire fighter's bunk, waiting for the next alarm.

Dear Teo,
We officially have a new member of the family . . . Doctor Kordesch, your pediatrician.  Ever since I took you to see her about 2 months ago (for an ear ache), she has played a big role in our daily lives.  She has a doll named after her (and this very cool doctor doll is endlessly rescuing people in her helicopter).  

Doctor Kordesch, along with several characters from your favorite cartoon, Fireman Sam, are the protagonists in countless scenarios that you describe and act out from the moment you wake each morning until your eyes drift shut at night.   

You like to use lots of fire fighter related words ("on duty," "captain," "rescue").  One day, you put on a yellow fire fighter's helmet, pulled the clear plastic visor down and said, "Mama, this is my supervisor.  It keeps smoke from getting in my eyes." 
A visit to Fire Station 11 with Papa.
You asked me to teach you to play "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," so I made some color coded "sheet music."  You've explored this a little, but usually you prefer making up your own songs, like a rockin' one entitled, "I love trucks!"  

Shaving cream
Three silly balloon-heads celebrating Grammy's birthday.
Oceana and a friend giving a presentation at her school.

30 Months - And Then What Will You Be?

April 13, 2012

Papa: "After you are 3, then what will you be?"
Teo: "A teenager."
Papa: "And then what"
Teo: "Then I'll be a fire fighter.  And then, after I am a fire fighter, I will be a policeman."

Building a mountain with your best buddy.

A sudden snow storm destroyed two thirds of one of our plum trees and our electricity was off for about 5 hours.   On the bright side, I had two unexpected days off work and we made the most of it with lots of snow play. 

We painted snow with various colors.  The yellow snow got lots of giggles from me and Grammy, though you just smiled indulgently at our silliness.  A couple of days later, you told your pediatrician that you wanted to play with pee again.

I have noticed that one of your traits is persistence.  When you have a project in mind, you keep at it even in the face of frustration and difficulty.  I don't know how many times you rebuilt this little cup and block tower after it toppled over.   

We've been making periodic trips to Greenhill Humane Society to visit with the cats.  We always take Grammy with us.  She is such an animal lover.  The cats know it, too.  When Grammy turned her back, this little guy crawled onto her head!  Your favorite part about going to the shelter is passing out treats to the cats.  

Auntie Sarah's birthday.

Papa's birthday. 

All decked out in your fire fighter gear for your first visit with the Easter Bunny.  While we were standing in line waiting for our turn, you asked me if the Bunny could stand up.  I told you that you could ask him.  After shaking his hand, you posed your question in a quiet voice, and the Bunny obligingly demonstrated his ability to stand.  This seemed to really please you.  

On Easter Day, you found an empty basket and a note from the Easter Bunny waiting for you.  The Bunny had lost 10 of his eggs and needed your help to find them.  Once you had found them all, you got a basket with some toys in it.  You liked the toys, but the egg hunt was definitely the highlight, and you re-hid the eggs again and again. 

29 Months

March 4, 2012

Dear Mateo,
Here you are, standing on the windowsill with your bag of tools, being a "telephone line repair guy."  Your hair is short, now, and it makes you look older, I think.  

Here are a few memories of your 29th month -

Teo: "Someday, maybe I can go in Grammy's belly, and she can be my mommy."
Me (chuckling): "Hmmm.  What about me?"
Teo: "You can be Papa's Mommy."
Teo (while walking through Fred Meyer): "NIPPLE!  NIPPLE, NIPPLE, NIPPLE!"
Me (giggling): "Oh?  What are you thinking about?"
Teo (explaining): "That is where you get a drink from."
Teo: "Mommy?  Grammy?  Do you guys have any questions?  Because I am a teacher!" 
You patiently taught us how to stand on one foot and do some other yoga-type poses.  When you were teaching us how to hop, you were unimpressed with Grammy's little bounce and said, "No, Grammy.  Your feet 'sposed to go off the ground!"
You continue to LOVE playing with words.  You go around rhyming pretty much all day long.  You especially like singing the "Name Game" song (Teo, Teo, bo-beo, banana-nana, fo-feo, etc).  Anyway, you'll ask me for something and say, "Please, please, bo-bease . . ."  And you like substituting words in songs to make them funny  - "The wheels on the bus go quack, quack, quack, all through the toaster oven."  
You are quite enamored of Auntie Sarah these days.  One evening I suggested that you might want to go to her house for some "Sarah time," and you told me, "I walk there ALL BY MYSELF, Mommy.  You can stay here."  I can just picture you trekking down River Road two miles to her house.  Knowing you, you probably could find it.  You have such a grasp of the layout of the streets (a skill you get from Papa).
Foot and leg painting with Sarah, Oceana, Maddy and me.

Train guy - before your haircut.

Trying on Mommy's shoes.

At the top of St. Mary's Peak.  A fun day in the snow.

Your first sewing project.  You used a real needle and 
thread to string together these little felt pieces. 

At the bus stop with your buddy.

28 Months - I Love You Forever

January 30, 2012

Dear Teo,

Lately you have been curious about ages - how old we are, and what it means to be a baby, a child, an adult.  You occasionally proclaim with pride, "I'm a toddler!"  And that you are, my dear - bright, affectionate, full of boundless energy. 

You are deeply immersed in exploring your autonomy.  You like to do things for yourself, and you have opinions about everything.  You have started directing our pretend play, positioning me and Papa and Grammy where you want us, assigning roles, even telling us our lines:  "Mommy, you are Tim.  You say, 'There's smoke in the engine!'  Papa, you the firefighter."

A few weeks ago, I started a journal with you.  As part of our bedtime routine we get out your notebook. I ask you what you remember about your day and write your words at the top of the page while you draw / write on the bottom half of the page. I like helping you reflect on your experiences this way, and I love that you will grow up with the skill / tool of journalling, which has been so valuable and enjoyable for me.

We've also been making lists.  You sometimes mention books that you'd like to check out from the library, so I started a library list that we take with us each week.  List-making also came in handy one evening when you were feeling anxious about me going to work the next day.  I asked you for ideas of things that might help you feel better while Mommy is at work.  You came up with the following:

1. Juice
2. Going to Bounce
3. Going to Laughing Planet
4. Going places with Papa
5. Watching Caillou
6. Visiting Grammy
7. Listening to music

The next morning, I showed you the list again and suggested that we talk to papa about it.  You ran up to Papa and shouted with exuberance: "Papa!  Here's my list if I get sad!"  You ended up having a great day with Papa.  I think much of your worry was relieved just by knowing there were things you could do if the sadness came up for you.  

Just after Christmas, we had a great visit with my Aunt Coreen (and her dog Kaiah), my cousins, Molly and Dan, Molly's husband, Jaime, and their son, Isaac, who is your age.  We went to the Gilbert House Discovery Center in Salem and to the Riverfront Carousel. 

In the China room at the Discovery Center.

For New Years, you and I journeyed by train to Seattle.  This was a very special trip (made possible by generous donations to Teo's Train Fund, which we set up at your birthday party - THANK YOU to everyone who contributed!!).   What a great traveler you are!
Seven hours on the train went by so fast and smoothly.  We walked around, made friends with another little boy, looked out the window, napped, and chatted with the bistro car server (you asked him if trains have lug nuts).  You even tried the train potty.

In Seattle, we visited our friends Natalie, Jamie and their daughter, Robin.  Natalie and I have known each other our entire lives (our parents knew each other long before we were born).  It makes me so happy to watch you getting to know Robin. 

"What are you doing to me, and when are you going to stop?"

Having a blast on Robin's trampoline (this toy may have been the highlight of the whole trip for you).

The ride home was not so idyllic.   Here you are about to vomit all over both of us.  

Yeah, I how did I not see it coming?

After we got home, our household had a week of stomach flu misery. 
On a happier note, you've fallen in love with drumming.  Ever since seeing a marching band drummer in Seattle, it has been your favorite instrument. 

You burst into song quite frequently.  One of your latest favorites is the line "Caillou's Rock and Roll Band!" sung with gusto over and over.  Here you are with Papa's ukelele.

First snow of the year (possibly the only snow of the year . . .).

And here you are with your best buddy, M. (you told me that he is your best "real friend," and Caillou is your best "pretend friend"). 

Auntie Sarah gave us a book called, I Love You Forever.  It is one of the sweetest books I've ever read.  It is about unconditional love - a mother who, through all the phases of her son's life, holds him and sings a little song to him.  In the end, when the mother is very old and weak, the son holds her and sings to her, and then he begins the same tradition with his own child.  Because of that book, you've started telling us, "I love you forever." Well, my darling, without a doubt, the feeling is mutual. 

I love you forever.
I like you for always.
As long as I'm living,
My baby you'll be.
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