Six Months Old!

March 19, 2010

Dear Teo,
Happy six month birthday.  This has been a big month for you.  You are making lots of new sounds, including a pterodactyl screech when you are excited.  You are ticklish now, and you love when we play "Here Comes the Tickle Bug." 

Papa and I went on our first date since you were born.  Our friend, Katie, watched you.  She used to be a teacher at the Relief Nursery, and she is getting her masters in Early Childhood Intervention, so we figured she was qualified enough to watch you for a couple of hours.  

Our course, she was wonderful with you.  We went out for a nice dinner, and when we got home, you barely looked up before turning back to Katie to keep playing. 

 Last week, your first tooth finally emerged.  I think I even know the moment it happened.  You were in the carseat, and you suddenly shoved both fists in your mouth and said, "Arrrraaaaarrrraaaarrrr!"  I didn't think much of it at the time, but later, your papa noticed your bottom front tooth had come in.   

Since the arrival of your little tooth, we have started experimenting with feeding you solid foods.  The first thing you seemed to really enjoy was broccoli.

One evening while I was prepping vegetables for dinner, I handed you a piece of broccoli and you instantly started chewing on it.  You seemed pretty annoyed when I took it away, actually.  I steamed the broccoli and pureed a bit for you.  You loved it . . . as long as you were able to use the spoon yourself.  You really didn't want my help! 

I am so excited to be cooking for you and sharing delicious, organic vegetables with you.  It will be even more fun this summer when we can work in the garden and cook vegetables we grew ourselves.  

Papa has been working hard to put six raised beds in our backyard.  This will be the first time we have had a garden, and we have a lot to learn, but as with so many things in life, the process will surely be as enriching as the final product.  

Here are a few more photos from this month . . .
Our Birth to Three group, minus Papa because he had to work that night.

Visiting our friend, Lobsang, and his son, Tenzin. 

Big boy at the park.


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