Eight Months Old and Crawling!

May 27, 2010


You are now a man on the move.  Within a span of a few days, you (nearly) perfected your crawling, and now there is no stopping you. 

You still prefer to walk holding our hands, but when necessary, you can certainly get around without help!  And the most likely destination?  OUTSIDE!  In fact, you sometimes cry when I bring you inside.  Then if I set you down, you crawl right back to the door.

Your papa has been working hard on the garden.  He has put in six beautiful raised beds and two trellises.  We still have more to plant.  It is exciting to step out the back door and see so much delicious produce growing. 

You continue to enjoy sand, dirt, gravel, rocks, sticks, etc. . .  Other things you have been showing an interest in are: the garden hose, the stairs in our house (you can climb them with help), the mobile from your Blessingway Ceremony, and the toy cash register in my classroom. 

 Mother's Day at Hendrick's Park.  You rode in the Kelty backpack for the first time.  

 Celebrating Grammy's birthday.

A visit from my cousin Molly, her husband, Jaime, their son, Issac, and my aunt Coreen.

Playing with your buddy, Lucio.

My friend, Kelli G., stopped by for another photo shoot, and once again took some amazing shots of you.  I love the black and white one . . . It looks like you are kissing me, but actually, you are playing a game where you try to bite my nose. 

Kelli posted more photos on her blog:  www.glazenerphotos.blogspot.com


janis said...

He is SO adorable. :-)

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