Ten Months - Using Sign Language and Almost Walking!

July 22, 2010

Dear Teo,
You are ten months old!  Your biggest feat this month was learning to stand on your own.  You can also walk just holding on with one hand.  Full-on toddling is just around the corner, and then watch out world!

You still love being outside.  Papa made an octagon-shaped, redwood sandbox for you, and Grammy got you a swimming pool.  You also like playing in the sprinkler and in your playhouse.  

You love going to Grammy's to play.  You almost always start dancing when you go over there, which is her cue to put on some kids' music.  Sometimes you play your instruments, and you seem to have pretty good rhythm!

Maybe you get your musical talent from Grammy. 

You are learning to use sign language to tell us "more" and "all done," a useful skill at meal time.  You are eating more foods now, though whenever I have you try something new, you make a disgusted face after the first bite.  Thankfully, you are usually willing to take a second bite, and often you end up liking whatever it is.  

You are still sleeping with us at night.  We put our mattress on the floor so you won't get hurt if you ever crawl off the edge.  Waking up with you is one of the happiest parts of the day.  You are a little grouchy until you nurse, but then you are so sweet and cheerful.  You like to crawl over to Papa and pat him on the head to wake him up.  

You and I took the train up to Seattle last weekend to visit my friends, Natalie and Jamie, and to meet their little girl, Robin.  This photo pretty much exemplifies how you felt about the weekend . . . cautious and a little grumpy.   

I think the highlight of the trip for you was walking up and down the length of the train (we probably walked 5 miles), and making friends.  You really liked the old ladies (maybe because they remind you of Grammy), and you adored a 4 year old girl who sang songs for you. 

In a couple of weeks, we will leave on our big trip to Kansas and Oklahoma to visit Uncle Levi and his family, and your Opapa.  It will be a big adventure with lots of new experiences. 

We love you so much, little buddy. 


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