11 Months - Garden Sprite

August 26, 2010

Little Teo, 
On the day you turned 11 months old, you really walked for the first time, about 5 steps across the living room.  We have a push toy that you like to walk with.  You do tricks, like pushing it with one hand, and then you get a big grin on your face.  The other day, I was helping you push it, and you brushed my hand away, like "I got this, Mom.  I can do it myself!"

You aren't saying any words (other than mama, bapa, and bye-bye), but you understand so much now. . . like, "go outside" "can mama have a bite?" "throw the ball" "turn off the light" and "put the paper in the potty" and your favorite: "go see grammy." 

Whenever I say those words, "go see grammy," you make a silly little chuckle, like you just can't contain your excitement.  At grammy's house, you like to play with her pots and pans or your tool bench.  Most of all, you like it when Oceana is there with her 4 week old kitten. 

The big event of the summer was our trip to Kansas and Oklahoma to visit Uncle Levi and his family and Opapa and Mary Louise.  I'll post a separate entry about our trip. 

Here are a few photos of you being your cute, funny, sweet self.

Love you!
Garden Sprite

Very Scary Garden Sprite

A Magic Bean

A Tired Little Monkey

I will be your home,
I will be your guide,
I will be your friend,
always on your side.

Sleep now in your room,
quiet of the night,
surrounded by the moon,
till you see the light.

By: Renee Stahl and Jeremy Toback


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