16 Months - Off to School

January 18, 2011

“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. 
One is roots; the other, wings.” 
-Hodding Carter
 Dear Teo,
Things seem to be changing a lot around here lately.  Your papa has gone back to school to further his nursing training, while continuing to work and do a lot of your childcare - I think he might be superman!

Auntie Sarah and Oceana have moved out of their tepee and into a house.  They are looking for a place in town, closer to us and to work and school. 

Another big change has been that Grammy came down with pneumonia last month, and because her recovery has been slow, she has not been able to take care of you as much.  She can play with you for short periods of time, but not for long stretches like she used to.

Because of this, we have decided to start you at a preschool for two half days a week.  After much searching, we decided on New Dream Childcare Center, a non-profit organization that offers bi-lingual classrooms and strives toward sustainability in various ways.  

Your first day, I stayed with you the whole time to help you get used to the place and people.  Papa went with you the second day.  Today was your first day there by yourself. You cried hard when I left, but when I called an hour later, you were doing fine.  

The teacher said you didn't play much today, but instead you watched everything that was going on.  This makes sense to me.  You are observant and you like to understand things.  When I picked you up this evening, you wanted a little comfort at first, but then you strutted around, so confident and proud of yourself.  
New skills this month: You spent a few days saying "kitty," and a few days saying "maymee" (grammy), but then you stopped saying either one.  You still use a lot of sign language.  One of my favorites is one you made up - patting the top of your head for "papa," who is bald. 

We've been working with you a lot on identifying your feelings, and you sign "sad" when you or someone else is upset.  You even signed it when Sarah's dog, Bella, was whining.

Your receptive language totally astounds me.  You understand so much.  Once in a while, we have a little misunderstanding - like when I was reading you a book that said, "puppy kisses," and you pointed to your diaper and shook your head, no.  You thought I said "poopy."

I've been trying to get you outside a lot, even though the weather has been cold and wet.  Here are a few of our discoveries:
 Collecting pine cones.

Fascinated by a worm

Sand play.

And here you are with friends, Josie and Sabrina, at the library.  The three of you had a great time taking the cheesy romance novels off the free book rack in the lobby.  We're going to have to work on your literary taste!


Kristin said...

Jessie, it's so nice to see your family growing together. Thank you so much for sharing and for your encouragement on my blog. Both are very nourishing for me!

Lots of love,

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