19 Months!

April 20, 2011

Dear Teo,
A lot has changed for us in the last month. Your papa started a new job in the surgical unit at McKenzie Willamette Hospital.  On top of adjusting to his new job, he is working hard to get the garden in.  You spend a lot of time with Papa while I am at work, time you both really enjoy.

Another big change this month was that we decided to stop taking you to preschool.  With Papa's new work schedule, we don't need as many childcare hours, and even after three months of going there, you still hadn't really settled in.  I got the feeling you were enduring those hours rather than enjoying them.  Grammy has been able to take you for the times that Papa and I are both working.  You adore her, and sometimes even start waving goodbye to me before I'm ready to leave if you know it is time to be with Grammy.

As for you, my dear, you are changing so fast, learning so many new things, it is astounding.  You are doing a lot of pretend play these days.  You like to push your cart to our pantry, get cans of food and then take them to your kitchen to cook.  You really understand the concept of "pretend."  You even say the word, "ahh-tend" to tell me that the yarn noodles on my plate are not really to eat.
You still love trucks, and you like to hand me the truck part of a truck and trailer toy and have me lament, "Oh, I don't know where my trailer is!"  We look everywhere (including in your ears).  You make the sign for sad (telling me that the truck is sad).  Finally I ask you for help.  You give me the trailer, and we both clap and cheer.

Another game you invented is to fly your helicopter around, then tip it upside down until the little man falls out.  You say, "Ow!" and pretend to cry.  You then bring him to me to get a kiss.  You call him "Baby Guy."  You are also enjoying an airplane toy that papa got for you.  If I ask where the plane is going, you say, "Ahh-port.  Home." 

You have taken an interest in the letter magnets we have on the magnet board.  Papa taught you the five letters of your name.  You say them: "M - A - hot T - E - O!"  We crack up every time you say "hot T."  I want to mention, we are in no way pushing this on you.  I know some people feel that early reading is not particularly good for children, but my theory is that any kind of learning is fine as long as it is child-led.  If you had no interest in the letters, we wouldn't have started telling you their names.  We just expose you to a lot of different experiences and follow your lead.    

You continue to gain more and more words, the most useful of these being: "turn" "trade" "mine" and "help."  Less useful, perhaps, but quite hilarious - you also say a version of "Hannah Montana."  Last month, my cousin Anna visited, and Oceana called her Anna Montana (Oce is a big Hannah fan).  You picked it up and started saying "Lantana!" 
Some fun craft projects with Oceana.

 Oceana with one of her pet snails.

 Sharing a snack after swimming with your buddy, Lucio.

 Your first bubble bath (with Easter eggs to hide). 

And one last thing . . .
Yes, you have started using the potty.  One day we were playing at your friend, Dylan's house, and you saw her use her potty chair.  That night, you said, "pee pot, pee pot."  I asked you if you wanted to sit on the potty (which we've always just had sitting in the bathroom), and you did.  You peed in it, and now you ask to use it 2 or 3 times a day.   

You amaze and delight us in so many ways, Teo.  
Mama and Papa


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