A Day at Dorris Ranch

May 14, 2011

Dear Teo, 
A few weeks ago, we spent an afternoon at Dorris Ranch - the oldest hazelnut orchard in America.  It is such a special place to me.  Every time I go there, I think of a walk I took there with my dad years ago.  It is also the place that we held his memorial and afterward walked through the orchard with friends and family. 

On this sweet spring day with you and Papa, I was reminded what a magical place it is - a place where the abundance of nature and the order of man have created something stunning and alluring - long orchard rows, the tumultuous over-full river, moss- and fern-cloaked trees, and ever-present birdsong. 



Sara said...

Thank you for the reminder re Dorris Ranch-we got married there, and haven't been back since. Maybe a picnic on our next sunny weekend day is in order. Lovely pictures! :)

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