21 Months - Papa Love, Sweet Mama and Honey Pie

June 25, 2011

Dear Teo,
Here you are with your beloved "Animal Train."  You and Papa have created a game, repeated daily, where you direct Papa which boxcar to put each of your toy animals on. You then ring our Tibetan singing bowl (which you call the "ding-ding") to make the sound of the train signal. 

The mailman, "mail-mail guy" is another current interest of yours.  You check the mailbox with Papa each day, and you like to deliver postcards to your playhouse.  One morning you and I made a card for the mailman to say "Thanks mail-mail guy."  A few nights ago I made this felt mail bag for you.  

Tossing rocks in the lake at the arboretum outside Junction City.

Much to my delight, you have started calling me "sweet Mama," a phrase you picked up on because Grammy calls her kitten "sweet Abby."  You like it when I call you "Honey Pie," another Grammy-ism. 

Very happy at a party (not a birthday party, mind you), for our friends Lane and Amy. 

 Nature walk in a field near our house.  

 Masking Tape Nature Bracelet

Childhood adventures - Into a Troll Cave

Shadow drawings: Mama, Oceana, Grammy

 Playing the piano with your friend Lucy

Sand play with Oceana
Just like papa.

We celebrated Fathers Day this month.  You helped me bake Papa a "Happy Cake."    I also made him this wordle out of phrases that you use to talk about him and the special things you two do together.  


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