23 Months - All Aboard the Potty Train

August 28, 2011

Dear Teo,
Next month you'll be two years old!  When we ask you how old you are, you say, "Almost ten."  You are so proud of being a big boy.  
One of your favorite things to do these days is yard work - raking, shoveling, pulling weeds, using your pretend blower, mower and trimmer.  And most exciting of all is this wonderful John Deer tractor, which Opapa sent you as a birthday gift.  You spend time everyday riding it, pushing it around the yard, and fixing it. 

New words and phrases:  
"Troublesome Trucks" (along with pretty much every other Thomas the Train character ever created)
"Celebration" (when talking about birthday parties)
"Special" (when talking about all the toys you don't want to share with Oceana - "That mine special lawn mower.")  
and "I thinking 'bout that."
While playing the game where you pretend to eat my nose -  Me: "Don't eat my nose, Mateo!"  You, looking at me with the sweetest smile: "Mommy, that mine special nose."  Ahhh, melt my heart.
After you peed in your potty by yourself, I said, "Well look at that, Teo, you are potty training yourself!" You replied, glancing at your Thomas the Train set, "Where potty train go, mama?"
Holding up a piece of bark from a tree: "Mommy!  Dog bark!"
After I told you we couldn't go to the park:  You sat on my lap and said, quite seriously, "Mommy, talk 'bout it," wanting to have a discussion.  
Preparing for our blueberry picking by "eating" play-doh blueberries.
And, the real thing.
Oce, too.
Yoga pose
New trike - thanks, Auntie Sarah!
With buddies, Miles and Laura at the park.
Impromptu dance with a kite ribbon.


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