2 Years Old

October 17, 2011

So much happened last month that I barely know where to begin!

We spent a few days in Portland so that I could attend an infant massage instructor workshop.  You and Papa got lots of quality time together while I was in class.  We also had some time together as a family to go to the Portland Zoo.  The animals seemed to be only moderately interesting to you.  The big highlight was riding the zoo train.
There is also an old steam engine outside the zoo grounds called "Peggy."  You were able to climb on it and pretend to drive it.  You adored Peggy and cried hard when we had to leave.

Another big event this month was our visit with Uncle Levi, Aunt Adrienne, and your cousins, Indigo, Jaden and River.  We met up with them in Redmond and stayed for a couple of nights at a resort.  You enjoyed hanging out with the kids.  You and River spent a long time working on a project of your own design, putting bits of grass, sticks and leaves in the crevices of a tree trunk.
We rented some bikes one day, and on our ride we saw a knuckleboom loader.  Weeks later when we saw one in one of your construction books, you said, "That like one we saw with Uncle Levi."  You also occasionally tell me, "I like Uncle Levi," or "My thinking about Jaden / Indigo," or you ask me, "Talk about River?"   I'm sure I'll say it a million times more, but I wish we lived closer to them!

Blackberry picking with Lucy and her mama.  Lucy was interested in holding your hand, and you nonchalantly allowed this. 

We've been meeting up most weekends with Miles and his mama at the library.  You are no longer interested in going to music time (I think it is just more kids and commotion than you like), so we have a nice routine of returning last week's books, playing in the courtyard (shown below), getting new books, and eating a bagel at the cafe. 
With Miles in his wagon.

Current favorite book: Curious George Goes to a Costume Party.  There is a line that makes you absolutely crack up every time I read it: "That's not a ghost, it's a cowboy!  That's not a cowboy, it's a monkey!  That's not just any monkey, it's Curious George!"  Endless giggles!

Pretending to be a digger (or doing some meditative Tai Chi).  Little wise one.

Hanging out with Grammy.  Best buddies. 
 A visit from friends, Mark and Karen before they headed off on another adventure.

 An absolutely fantastic day at Alsea Falls. 

 Potty training your baby doll.

You, being your sweet, funny, wonderful self. 


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