30 Months - And Then What Will You Be?

April 13, 2012

Papa: "After you are 3, then what will you be?"
Teo: "A teenager."
Papa: "And then what"
Teo: "Then I'll be a fire fighter.  And then, after I am a fire fighter, I will be a policeman."

Building a mountain with your best buddy.

A sudden snow storm destroyed two thirds of one of our plum trees and our electricity was off for about 5 hours.   On the bright side, I had two unexpected days off work and we made the most of it with lots of snow play. 

We painted snow with various colors.  The yellow snow got lots of giggles from me and Grammy, though you just smiled indulgently at our silliness.  A couple of days later, you told your pediatrician that you wanted to play with pee again.

I have noticed that one of your traits is persistence.  When you have a project in mind, you keep at it even in the face of frustration and difficulty.  I don't know how many times you rebuilt this little cup and block tower after it toppled over.   

We've been making periodic trips to Greenhill Humane Society to visit with the cats.  We always take Grammy with us.  She is such an animal lover.  The cats know it, too.  When Grammy turned her back, this little guy crawled onto her head!  Your favorite part about going to the shelter is passing out treats to the cats.  

Auntie Sarah's birthday.

Papa's birthday. 

All decked out in your fire fighter gear for your first visit with the Easter Bunny.  While we were standing in line waiting for our turn, you asked me if the Bunny could stand up.  I told you that you could ask him.  After shaking his hand, you posed your question in a quiet voice, and the Bunny obligingly demonstrated his ability to stand.  This seemed to really please you.  

On Easter Day, you found an empty basket and a note from the Easter Bunny waiting for you.  The Bunny had lost 10 of his eggs and needed your help to find them.  Once you had found them all, you got a basket with some toys in it.  You liked the toys, but the egg hunt was definitely the highlight, and you re-hid the eggs again and again. 


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