32 - 33 Months - "I have a technique"

June 17, 2012

Dear Teo,
Oops!  I got behind by a full month on this blog.  So . . . no 32 month photo.  But here is a recap of the last couple of months.  

Public Works Day.  This is the coolest event for kids who are fascinated by heavy equipment.  Your favorite was the road roller.  

You've been very interested in how letters make words lately.  You like to read the titles of your books to me.  You'll run your finger under the letters and say the words slowly like you are sounding them out:  "Wi - i - i - i nie The Poo - oo - ooh."  You've also been asking how to spell random words.  Here you are perusing my cookbook.   

Auntie Sarah and Oceana got two ducklings, which are already three times the size they were when I took these photos a couple of weeks ago.  Oceana is their mommy, and Bella the dog is their valiant guardian.  Lucky little ducks. 
Our family friend, Mark, has been in town (back from voyages afar on his sail boat).  When he stopped by for a visit, you were instantly delighted.  Days later, you commented, "We haven't seen our friend Mark in a WHILE!"  Then you suggested that maybe he should come live with us. 

A Mother's Day hike at Mount Pisgah.
Big Worker Guy
Playing with the excavator that Uncle Levi made for you.

A few Teo quotes:  
At the library, you put a bunny puppet under your shirt.  You told me, "You can touch my baby in my belly.  Ask when will it come out."   You proceeded to give birth to the bunny and then you snuggled it as tenderly as any new mama.   
While playing at home: "I'm going to hold my mommy's hand so she doesn't go away from me.  I don't want her to go away from me ever."  I asked why, and you replied emphatically, "Because I LIKE her!"
When you and I were running barefoot back and forth, splashing in a muddy spot and then in a tub of water, singing, "Mud, muddy mud" and then "Wash, washy, wash" - "This is the funnest thing I've ever done, ever," 
One morning, you woke up and asked, "Mommy, am I died?" I told you, "No, you are alive." You went on to ask, "Are you died?" and you asked about a few other people. Then you asked if my papa was "died," and I told you yes.  I try to talk to you about death openly, but in a way that makes sense to you.  I've told you that our bodies are like houses for our energy, and when we die, our energy doesn't need its house anymore (thanks to Auntie Sarah, who has had many similar conversations with Oceana, for helping me find the right words).  Your response? "Hey, let's play fire trucks!"  
And my favorite quote of the month:  "Mommy, I have a technique," you said, while sorting and lining up some colored circles.  And then:  "Can you come help me, because I'm getting tired of techniquing."

Doing an experiment.
Grammy bonding with little Quacker.
Hugs for Cousin Maddy


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