Amy's Gift for Mateo

August 19, 2009

My very sweet friend, Amy Bunker, called me today and asked me to meet her for tea. Amy has always seemed to me to be infused with an inextinguishable spark of joy and kindness. I got to know her this last year while she was interning in my classroom.

Today, Amy gave me this amazing quilt that she made as a gift for Mateo. It includes photos of many of the people who make up Teo's family - including me, Michael and Sage, my mom, my brother and sister and my niece; my dad and his six sisters, my friends (coworkers) from the Relief Nursery, and also Chris, the midwife who delivered Sage and will also deliver Mateo.

Shortly after I got the quilt home, our little cat, Bindi, hopped up on it and expressed very clearly how much she loved it!

The center photo on the quilt is one of my very favorite pictures of me and Michael. It was taken at a friend's baby shower the day we found out I was pregnant with Mateo! The joy we were feeling is obvious in our smiles!

Thank you, Amy, for this beautiful gift and for investing your whole heart in everything you do.


SerineKat said...

wow that's a nice quilt and bindi would know quality craftsmanship.

Kelli said...

Wow! What a generous and beautiful gift. So well thought out and inclusive of everyone who will love Mateo.

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