The Sweetest Boy

February 26, 2010

Mateo - 
Well, my dear, you are 5 months old!  You are getting more serious about your attempts to crawl.  Today Grammy and I put you on the floor and you managed to turn yourself 90 degrees and scoot forward just a tiny bit.  The incentive for your crawling was the tubing that attaches to Grammy's oxygen machine.  You are desperate to get your hands on it.

The oxygen machine, and the tubing, are a new addition to Grammy's life since her bout with pneumonia earlier this month.  She ended up staying 3 nights at the hospital.  You seemed to be able to tell she was sick, and you looked at her with a very concerned expression.  She is feeling better now, but she still needs the oxygen and she gets tired very easily.  We've had to put our long evening walks on hold for a while.

You are sleeping through the night, though you like to stay up late - until 10 or so.  When you are falling asleep, you close your eyes, raise your eyebrows, and then make really funny groaning sounds.  I think you are singing yourself to sleep.  Or maybe you are trying to keep yourself awake. 

We took you for your first swim.  You seemed comfortable in the water.  There were a few other babies there, and when you saw one of them splash the water with her hand, you tried splashing, too.

Walking in your big boy shoes.

Some pals from Birth to Three

Your cousin Oceana, helping me bake.

Still teething.

The sweetest boy I know.


Anonymous said...

truly the sweetest, and so adorable.

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