12th Month - Your First Word!

September 28, 2010

Dear Teo, 

I'm going to post about your birthday itself soon, but I wanted to write a little about your 12th month, first.  You are a real walker, now, and that's not all . . . You sometimes run, which scares the heck out of me.  You can also OPEN THE FRONT DOOR!  

Once you get the door open, there are four places you generally go - to grammy's house, to the watering can and garden hose (you do water play just about every day), to the garden to pick cherry tomatoes which you like to squish the juice out of and then feed to me, or to the end of the driveway to look for trucks and buses going by on the street.  

Which leads me to the other awesome development this month - you are officially talking.  Your first word (besides mama, bapa and bye-bye) is TRUCK, pronounced "chrck" and said with awe and urgency.  There was road construction outside our house a couple of weeks ago, and you were fascinated.  Even now, when you wake up in the morning, you lead me outside first thing trying to spot a "chrck" or a "bu" (bus). 

Transportation seems to be the theme these days.  Your favorite things to play with are grammy's matchbox cars and your Thomas the Train stuff.  

Your other great interest is . . . cleaning!  Really.  You just go around cleaning things.  You like to pick up leaves off the driveway and throw them into the flower bed (usually with an enthusiastic "Yaaa!" sound, as though you are heroically vanquishing the foe of messiness).  When you are done eating, you like to wipe your high chair with a wash cloth.  I took you to a picnic today, and you diligently picked up napkins and threw them into the trash can (not my suggestion, at all.  I didn't even show you where the trash can was.).  Seriously, this love of cleaning must be genetic, and you didn't get it from my side!  :0)

I love you once, I love you twice,
I love you more than beans and rice,
I love you more then earth or sun,
Te amo, bebe, little one!
-Lisa Wheeler

A few photos from your 12th month: 

With Auntie Sarah (Ra-ra)

Driving the tractor at Thistledown Farm.

Dancin' in your underwear. 

Eating a "grammy cracker" with your Grammy.

Sink bath (why haven't I been bathing you this way all along?  So easy!).


SerineKat said...

Good God... Thomas Train is worse than CRACK. That's all I hear about day and night is Thomas Train this and Thomas Train that. You all look so happy and wonderful! Good luck with the front door. We had to put a hotel lock on ours. Our house is like a prison now... that only shows Thomas Train.

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