Summer Vacation, Part II - Rancho La Lomita

September 22, 2010

After leaving Kansas City, we headed south to Hugo, Oklahoma, where your Opapa and his wife, Mary Louise live on their ranch.  What a beautiful place this is - peaceful, quiet except for the steady drone of the cicadas.  It was over 100 degrees each day, so we didn't spend a lot of time outside, but we did take walks when it cooled off in the evening, looking for fireflies and rarely seeing a car. 

You warmed up to Opapa and Mary Louise right away.   Opapa gave you some of his Native American artifacts, including some arrowheads, a ceremonial fan he made himself, and some sticks used for a children's ball game.  He let you pick out a fetish, and you chose this little bear. 

When he gave you these things, he mentioned that this is the Native American way.  We carry things with us for a while, and then we pass them on.  Opapa also gave you a book he put together with documents and photos of your ancestors, and a family tree.  I think as you grow, he will have a lot of wisdom to share with you.

Mary Louise shared her gift of cooking with us, serving a wonderful Thanksgiving style meal one night, and filling us up with rich delicious food at every meal.  She also gave me some cooking lessons.  She has a very kind and gentle spirit. 

You enjoyed the animals on the ranch, especially Opapa's dog, Blue.  You liked watching the two miniature donkeys, Osito and Little Joe, although when we set you on Osito, you seemed a little skeptical.  These guys were nothing compared to the two longhorn bulls, Boris and Igor . . . they were truly intimidating (unless you are Mary Louise, and then they are pets). 

You also got to meet your Uncle Dan and your Great Aunt and Uncle, Jane and Jimmy.  I think everyone really enjoyed getting to know you.  When it was time to leave, Opapa and Mary Louise joked that they wanted to just keep you there and buy you a pony.  Maybe the next time we make it out there to visit, they really will have a pony for you to ride!


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