13 Months - Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2010

Ahoy, Little Pirate!
You are doing so many new things these days, it's hard to keep track of them!  You are talking more and more.  Truck (guk) is still your favorite word, but now you also say more (mo), bug, broccoli (broc), ball, and book.

Speaking of books . . . you LOVE them.  Books and music are two of your favorite things.  You've developed a cute little dance, rocking side to side with your knees locked.  Papa and I have been taking you to Family Music Time at the library every weekend.  At first the big group made you nervous, but now you clap and dance to the music. 

We went on our first family camping trip this month at Beverly Beach.  We spent a couple of hours playing in the sand.  You were so interested in the sand, kelp, rocks, kids, dogs, etc, that I don't think you really noticed the ocean itself. 

You are still a great little helper.  You get out your broom at least once a day and you look for any little scrap of paper to put in the trash.  Today when we were done playing with your train set, you put the pieces back in the box - your idea.  Really, this is too easy! 

Papa surprised you with a little red wagon.  Perfect for long autumn walks.

 With Auntie Sarah and Oceana.  Oce is obviously your hero.  You adore her and copy her every move, which sometimes pleases her and sometimes exasperates her. 

The Pumpkin Patch at Lone Pine Farms.
The pumpkin surfer I carved to surprise your papa.

Happy Halloween!
We love you, buddy!


SerineKat said...

That kid just keeps getting cuter! Great job!

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