14 Months

November 29, 2010

Hi Sweet Boy,

This month you've had lots of fun playing outside in the rain, splashing in puddles and finding worms.  The first time you found a worm, we moved it from the sidewalk to a patch of dirt in our yard.  Now, whenever you find one, you insist that it has to go in the same place . . . even if we find it blocks away from our house.  Once we put the worms in the dirt, you wave and tell them bye-bye. 

You also got to enjoy some snow one day last week.  You seemed puzzled and a little cautious at first, but soon you were helping Papa and Oce build a tiny snowman. 

Best buddies.  

 Bonding with Grammy.

 A feast of blueberries on Thanksgiving Day.

 Two little musicians.

Had to include this one . . .  :-(

My favorite story from this month . . .

You and I went Moon Hunting one night.  We found it, and then it disappeared again behind some clouds. You held up both hands to ask "Where did it go?" Then you waved and said, "bye-bye, bye-bye" over and over. We walked around the neighborhood keeping our eyes on the sky, and eventually we saw it again, which brought a huge smile to your face, just before you fell asleep in my arms. 

New skills -

You pulled out your little potty chair one morning and pointed to your pants, so I pulled them down, along with your diaper.  You sat down and peed in the potty.   Just like that.  It hasn't happened again since then, but I was pretty amazed. 

You've been really interested in matching.  You have a truck book, a truck puzzle and matchbox cars, and you like to find the ones that match (like the matchbox dump truck and the dump truck in the book).  

Also, you're really good at nodding yes and no in answer to questions.  When you nod yes, you make a kind of snorting "hmmmph" sound for emphasis.  For example, "Teo, do you want to go see Grammy?"  "Hmmmph!" (big nod).  Well, interestingly, this is exactly what Auntie Sarah's dog, Bella, does to say yes. . .  "Bella, do you want to go outside?"  "Hmmmph!" (big nod).  It's quite possible that Bella taught you to do this.  However you learned it, though, it certainly makes it easier to find out your opinion.

And you DO have an opinion about many things.  Songs, for instance.  Lately, when I start singing a song, you'll shake your head "no" and do the sign for "more" if it isn't the song you want to hear.  Today, while we were driving in the car, I could see you in the mirror shaking your head every time I started a song . . . "Row, row, row"  NO  "Twinkle, twink . . "  NO  "I'm a little teapot"  NO.  Holy cow, I know a lot of kids' songs, and it took me forever to stumble upon "My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean."

Well, kiddo, that's it for now.   We love you!



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