Your Very Special Midwife

October 15, 2009

Dear Teo,

Yesterday, we took you to visit Chris Heritage, the midwife who delivered you (and also your brother, Sage).  

Chris hugged me and your papa, and then she turned her attention to you.  You were relaxed and alert while she held you, and she was clearly delighted by you.  It was fun to watch her interact with you in that special way that grandmothers have.  She said you could be her honorary grandson.

When I was in labor with you, Chris was wearing a t-shirt that she got from a triathlon she did.  When I looked up and saw that shirt, and I felt so inspired.  I figured that if Chris has the strength and determination to finish a triathlon, then I could make it through labor. 

We are happy that you will grow up knowing Chris.  She is wise and kind and funny, and it was her generous heart and competent hands that helped guide you into this world. 


Christine Heritage said...

"Dear Teo,
On Wednesday your parents brought you in to see me. You are so precious. And what a wonderful mother and father you have, how clever of you to choose them. Your mother was so strong in labor, determined to do her very best to help you into this world. And you father gave her his gentle, loving support. You did good work also, turning, pushing, fitting yourself through. It was an honor to be present."

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