Visiting Friends at the Relief Nursery

October 6, 2009

Dear Teo,
You are 17 days old.  I took you to the Birth Center today to get weighed, and you are 7 pounds, 10 ounces.  The lactation consultant, Annie, said that your "latch" is much improved since last week.  You have figured out how to nurse without chomping (much to my relief), and nursing is going very smoothly now.  

As I write this, you are sleeping in my arms.  You have been sleeping a lot during the day, and not as much at night.  Today we went to the Relief Nursery (my work), and you slept through an hour or more of being held by my coworkers. They were very excited to meet you.  Here are some photos of them holding you.

As you can see, you invariably have one or both of your hands up by your head.  You like to sleep in that position, and when you nurse, you often rest one hand against your cheek, which makes you look very serious and thoughtful.   

Ari (Jayda's daddy)














My Inkpot said...

Hi there Jessie
My contacting you began when I was googling for images of a girl writing to post on my newly formed blogsite - Curious Ink. I have decided to document my journey through and out of depression.
I came across the image of the black & white pic of the girl you have posted at the top of your website 'Encouragment of Light'.
I'm still new to licensing on the web and was wondering whether it was your pic or if you had been permitted to use it from someone else? In any case - I love it and was wondering if I could also use it on my blogsite?
Secondly, I began reading your blogs and was deeply moved and drawn into your journey through grieving for your lost loved ones. What a beautiful and brave thing you have done - it inspired me in my own personal battle - thought it be very different circumstances to yours.
Based on what I read of your blog, I have one more favour to ask - You quoted your father as saying that a writer shouldn't just write for the sake of it but rather should write because they HAVE to and when they no longer have to, should stop. This quote resonates so deeply with where I am and why I am starting my own blog - because for some reason I just 'have to' write about my journey at this time.
I am wondering if you'd mind that I also use your father's quote on my blogsite and whether you'd like me to attribute it to you or your father (or both!).
I'd be happy to give you a link to my site so you can view the end result for yourself and either agree/disagree with how I used the 'girl writing pic' and your father's quote about writing.
If you could let me know your thoughts on this, I would appreciate it - though I know that being a mum, to a new born doesn't leave you much time to answer messages from a random woman in Australia! Since what I ask for are part of a blogsite that is very personal to you, I just thought it proper to ask your permission to borrow off of it.
Thanks for your time Jessie
Priscilla Kelly

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