Happy Birthday - One Month

October 18, 2009

Dear Teo,
Today is your one-month birthday.  You have changed a lot in the time since your birth!  You are very alert now, and you are able to track movement with your eyes.  You like to look and my and papa's faces, and at your mobile.  You also like to look out the window.

Your happiest time of day seems to be morning.  That is when you play on your mat and have tummy time.  You push with your feet, and if I put my hands against them, you scoot yourself across the mat.  You also have "Papa Time" every morning, when the two of you play and Papa sings silly made-up songs to you.  

You have started sleeping better at night, and we're not feeling quite so tired.  I've been taking you for walks most days.  Sometimes Papa or Auntie Sarah or other friends come with us.  You usually sleep through the whole thing, though today you spent a good bit of time awake, watching the world go by.

I take you next door to visit Grammy everyday.  You are usually sleeping when she sees you, so she really likes it when you wake up and she can play with you.  A few days ago, she was holding you and she noticed you staring at the ceiling fan, so she turned it on, and you were mesmerized. 

This month seems to have gone by very fast.  Every day brings new surprises, and that is part of the gift you bring to our family . . . an ever-present sense of wonder.

We love you right up to the moon . . . and back!
Mama and Papa


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Happy 1 month!

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