Special Toys for a Special Boy

October 29, 2009

Dear Teo,
A lot has happened in the last two weeks.  You got your first cold.  Luckily it only lasted a few days, but that meant a few nights of very little sleep for me and papa.  One morning, your papa was so tired he almost poured ketchup into his tea instead of agave!

You are all better now, and growing like crazy.  The last two times we have taken you to the birth center for your weekly weigh in, you had gained 10 ounces each time.  You are now over 8 pounds.

You are ever more alert and interested in things around you.  Last night I played the piano while you were in my wrap, and you seemed to enjoy it.  Your eyes got big, and you made soft cooing sounds.

You definitely smile in response to us now.  In fact, you smile at papa almost every time you see him!  You have also started smiling sometimes when I play peek-a-boo with you, though other times you stare at me like I'm being strange. 

You are just starting to show an interest in toys.  You especially like a ladybug with crinkly wings.  Several of our friends have given you some really amazing hand-made toys that I am sure you will enjoy as you get older.  I am happy to surround you with things made by the hands of people who love you.

Our friend, Amee Pacheco stopped by for a visit a couple of weeks ago.  She is, among other things, a knitter extraordinaire, and she made this adorable little pig in board shorts for you.  It even has a belly button and a curly tail.

Our friends from Arizona, George and Susan, visited us last week.  You spent a long time snuggled up with George.  Susan gave you this red horse, similar to the green one she made for Sage when he was born.  

My brother, your Uncle Levi, made a beautiful rattle out of wood from a walnut tree on his property in Kansas.
Amy Ripley, who was my first teaching partner at the Relief Nursery, knitted a little bear for you.  She had made a bear for Sage, too.  Yours is the smaller, light blue one . . . the little brother bear.

You were also given a very special toy by your great-aunt Elaine (my dad's sister).  This little dog was my dad's when he was a boy.  It was made for him by his great-aunt, Carlotte, a Benedictine nun.  This little dog is 65 year old!

I wish so much that you could have met Dad (your Grandpa Faulkner).  He would have teased you and tickled you and taught you many things.  And he would have loved you with all of his very big heart . . . just like we love you, Teo.

Mama and Papa


Anonymous said...

Jessie, Michael, Teo,
We really enjoyed seeing your new home and meeting your new son. What a beautiful little person he is. It's fun seeing the two horsies together in the picture. Love you all. Susan

The Cooking Photographer said...

I hope you keep posting Jessie, your little baby boy is adorable. I'm sure you're probably quite busy now, but this is such a neat way to keep track of the details.


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